Shanxi Jianbang Group (Jianbang) is located in Houma Township, Linfen City, Shanxi Province China. Shanxi Province is rich in coal in the southern part of the Province. Strategically located on the intersection of North – South and East – West railways, Jianbang has access to Qingdao, Rizhao and Lianyungang Ports for the import of iron ore and the distribution of its products domestically and internationally.

The company was founded in 1988 by Mr. Wu Jianbang as a manufacturer of steel woks and other steel products. The company remains privately owned by the relatives of the founder with the majority owned by his son, the current Chairman of the Group, Mr. Wu Xiaonian. Since becoming Chairman of the company in 2008, Mr. Wu Xiaonian has led a rapid expansion of the steel making business.

By 2014, the company has grown to have an annual production capacity of 7 million tons, 4600 employees and with 7.3 billion RMB total assets. In 2014, Jianbang realized 10.6 billion RMB output and 301.4 million RMB gross profit. Full-year totals imported iron ore 4.4 million tons, and value of imports and exports was 57.2 billion, accounting for 85% of the total imports and exports of Linfen City, ranking first in Linfen and fourth in Shanxi Province.

Jianbang is an integrated, medium-sized group with cross-regional business, and cross-industry development. The business projects are as follows: import and export trade (qualified to import our own iron ore), power generation, building materials, iron making, steelmaking, rolling, casting, rubber products, and railway transport service. The group annually produces: 3 million tons pig iron (including 1 million tons high quality ductile cast iron); 4 million tons steel; 1.2 billion kwh of power, and 300,000 tons precision castings. Jianbang also produces 2.1 million tons cement mix from blast furnace slag water, and the integrated site has the capacity to supply 6 million tons. Jianbang Group has thus formed a virtual cycle industrial chain: gas fired power generation, electro-iron making, iron casting, steel rolling, and construction materials production from slag.